Local Long Island Shop Finds Opportunity at Unique Online Marketplace

October 1, 2017, Wharton, NJ – With tens of thousands of products from a large variety of sellers and ranking on the first page of search engines for terms such as “buy Indian products online” ZiFiti.com has become the ideal platform for merchants of South Asian products to reach their target customers.  The online marketplace boasts products from India allowing US citizens to source hard to find items like organic Poha and uniquely ethnic décor for the home.  This is why Namaste, a brick and mortar store in Long Island, NY, chose ZiFiti as a platform to sell more products online.11067515_867994709910018_4469834754336498638_n

Jitendra Pandhi and his son, Krunal, opened Namaste in Long Island in 2015 and immediately began experiencing successful sales to the local Indian population.  Understanding that the internet in general and ecommerce in particular are growing at an incredible pace, the Pandhis determined that, in order to expand their sales, they would need to offer their religious and traditional gift items online.  Thus, in 2016, they began to upload their product catalog to a variety of online marketplaces, some being large and well established and some being smaller with a more focused audience.

In order to determine how visible his products were on these marketplaces Krunal performed searches online and invariably ended up seeing ads and listings of products at ZiFiti.  Impressed with their marketing efforts he immediately registered as a seller on that platform.  Once his account was set up he found the process of uploading products extremely quick and easy, especially with the hands on support provided by the team at ZiFiti. Additionally, the low commission and seller friendly structure would allow him to remain profitable which just hadn’t been the case at another large and well known marketplace that charge high commissions and have stringent shipping policies which hindered his growth.

Shipping only within the United States, Namaste celebrated success very quickly online with the sale of religious tokens for the holidays, shipping over 5,000 silver coins at the 77621_Obvtime of Diwali, 2016.  Krunal expects that this Diwali, 2017, through his seller account at ZiFiti, those sales should easily double and will only continue to grow over time.  He attributes this to the ongoing marketing efforts of the Incredibly Indian Marketplace who engages in a variety of methods including TV ads and, of course, social media outreach.  Additionally, vendors on zifiti.com immediately become a part of a growing trend allowing them to enter the e-commerce space before it’s too late.  By offering unique, quality products to over 3 million South Asians in the US and beyond the seller’s brand awareness will grow organically with little effort on their part.  By exposing their offering to an already existing audience coupled with ZiFiti’s extensively promoted platform Namaste can capitalize on the traffic while reducing the need to invest their own time or money.

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